Meet Megan Wyatt

The How to Get Hijab Ready book is Megan’s first publication which she was blessed to create, write, and design with her own daughter, Aisha Elwan.

Megan Wyatt is also the founder of Wives of Jannah, a rapidly growing organization of thousands of Muslim wives who are inspired by the core goal of rekindling marriage as an act of worship. She coaches wives and couples to learn the art of her key technique Fearless Vulnerability to develop emotionally deep, spiritual and passionate marriages and to rekindle marriage as an act of worship.

magazine, an international publication now online, features Megan in their relationship column where she answers questions from wives around the globe.

She is also the co-founder and key trainer for Find Your Mr. Right where she guides single Muslim women in finding, meeting, attracting, and marrying their future husband.

Megan is also developing another space as the Passionate Imperfectionist in Islamic-based personal development. You can find her growing community surrounding these themes on Facebook.

A homeschooling mother of four, Megan resides in Southern California with her children and husband Zeyad Ramadan, who is also the founder of Purify Your Gaze.

Meet Aisha Elwan

Aisha Elwan was close to eleven years old when she sat down to help her Mom create a book about getting ready to wear hijab, inspired by her desire to have seen such a book available to purchase when she first started covering.

Aisha is in love with cats, and when not wrapped up in reading, she is often found typing away writing short stories in her room, spending time in nature, and creating artwork.

She has her own unique cartoon style drawing of girls with hijab which was what provided the first vision for what the cover of the Hijab Ready book would look like.

After sketching out her own drawing of having a girl standing in her bedroom looking into a mirror imagining herself covered she handed the idea over to our illustrator who brought greater details and color to her vision.